Corporate Health

Workplace / Workstation Assessments

Did you know that your work set-up could be the cause of your pain? Do you know the reason why your neck or back pain keeps coming back? Have you had your work station assessed yet?

Our ReadyGo therapists are trained in assessment of workplace/work-stations to help reduce the risk of work-related injuries. As we also treat these injuries in our clinic, we can easily relate it to your workplace, and assist you in setting up your work area.

Our therapists will visit your workplace and conduct a thorough assessment of the workplace. It will involve anything from the height of the screen to the chair and desk height, as well as the ergonomics of each item on the desk (e.g. keyboard and mouse). The assessment will also involve advice on positioning of each item. We will explain how each component of your workplace may place stress on different parts of your body, thus causing discomfort and pain.

At the end of the assessment, we will endeavour to provide a thorough and comprehensive report – this will include any of the issues identified, what our therapist did to address these, and equipment recommendations (we can also provide supplier recommendations to suit your cost and needs). Each report will be checked by our Principal Physiotherapist.

ReadyGo therapists at Lane cove physio are experienced in providing workplace assessment to large corporations, Federal government departments, as well as private companies.

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Early Intervention Program

ReadyGo Physio ‘Early Intervention Program’ helps businesses help reduce the long term burden of a workplace injury thus minimising workers’ compensation costs. It ensures early assessment of the injured employee and identification of barriers to recovery. It allows for more problematic cases to be flagged at an earlier point in time, which will assist with more appropriate treatment being provided in the acute stage of injury.

Businesses can send their employees to ReadyGo Physio for an initial assessment and early treatment. The therapist will provide a provisional diagnosis and treatment plan. The early intervention may help to resolve the problem quickly and effectively thereby reducing the chance of a lengthy workers’ compensation claim. Otherwise a recommendation to submit a claim may be provided if a lengthier recovery is indicated.

This streamlined process generates goodwill among the staff, minimises the number of workers’ compensation claims and facilitates the safe return to work earlier while providing better outcomes.

For more information please contact Jason Lee on 02 8094 8610.

Education Seminars

ReadyGo Physio can provide on-site group lectures covering topics such as:

  • Ideal workstation set-up
  • Ideal work postures and behaviours
  • Common postural problems and their causes
  • The science of pain and its mechanisms
  • Manual handling techniques
  • Desk-based stretches and exercises
  • Information regarding the Physiotherapy Early Intervention Program.

These sessions will by conducted by Jason Lee (Principal Physiotherapist, Director) who have extensive knowledge and experience in the assessment and treatment of work-related musculoskeletal conditions. These sessions help inform the employee on how to minimise the risk of injury at work and assist them in taking an active role in injury prevention.

Pre-Employment Screening

An employer may consider a pre-employment ‘Fit for Work’ assessment for a new employee, if that employee has a history of workplace injury. This assessment determines the risk of that employee sustaining further injury at work and provides recommendations on how that risk can be managed.

Assessments can screen the employee generally for any injury issues or can be tailored to be more specific to a particular body area.