Shoulder Pain / Injuries

Shoulder pain or injury such as rotator cuff tendinopathy, labral tear, impingement, frozen shoulder, and muscle strain are likely causes of pain and discomfort. This can restrict you from performing daily activities as well as limiting your sporting capacity, and can disturb your sleep. Surgery is usually NOT recommended for shoulder injuries (unless necessary), and a cortisone injection may be avoided. Early diagnosis is crucial, and can help you prevent from chronic conditions which can lead to degenerative changes such as arthritis.


How can ReadyGo Physio help:

ReadyGo Physio is located in North Ryde and we are experts in treating shoulder conditions, such as joint and bony injuries, muscle injuries and frozen or inflammatory conditions. Our physiotherapists are highly trained in manual therapy (hands-on treatment) as well as exercise rehabilitation, which include strengthening and specific stretching.

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